Karen Monroe for Superintendent of Alameda County Schools 2014

Karen Monroe's Candidate Statement:

Thank you for making me the top vote getter in the June Primary. I have dedicated my life to public education. As a mother, 22-year educator, teacher, education technology specialist, principal, and currently as Associate Superintendent of the Office of Education, I am committed to protecting Alameda County’s local quality of education. Everyday I work for 10,000 teachers and 218,000 children attending Alameda County public schools. I develop training and support for hardworking teachers. I fight for safe schools and student health and wellness, because safe and healthy children make better learners.

I open doors for new technologies to improve teaching, learning, and successful college and career pathways in the Digital Age. I provide fiscal leadership for 18 Alameda County school districts whose budgets we oversee. I will be a superintendent who works effectively in government, restoring funding, and delivering educational services efficiently while saving taxpayers money. I am qualified, experienced, and ready for this job. Please join teachers, parents, students, youth advocates, business leaders and citizens in every area of our county supporting my candidacy.

Help me lead the charge for world-class 21st Century schools. Vote Karen Monroe for Alameda County Superintendent of Schools on November 4th, 2014. Thank you.

Our principal goal as educators today is to prepare our students for their 21st century futures. As the current Associate Superintendent of Education in Alameda County, I have realigned our county's priorities to provide teachers and organizations with high quality training, development, and support to equip our students with the tools for success.


As a former teacher and principal in Oakland, I understand the unprecedented challenges facing our schools. Greater resources are required to address the needs of students and their families in all our communities. By becoming Superintendent I would immediately implement change by:

  1. Providing professional development essential to preparing teachers and leaders for the implementation of the new Common Core standards and performance-based assessments.
  2. Expanding the reaches of high quality Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) instruction in our school and afterschool programs.
  3. Supporting schools and districts in the reintegration of the arts into the curriculum to allow students to enhance critical thinking.  

I am excited about this essential work and would consider it a great honor to serve Alameda County as the next Superintendent of Education. I look forward to working together with you to ensure today’s learners are ready to become tomorrow’s citizens, innovators, and leaders.


L. Karen Monroe


Associate Superintendent of Alameda County Education